What To Do With Pets While On Vacation

1. Pet sitting

Having a seasoned pet sitter come over for feedings, walks, and playtimes is an excellent alternative because many cats and dogs feel at ease in their own habitats.

2. Pet-proof your home

Remove and store anything that your pet might inadvertently eat or that could hurt them if you decide to hire a pet sitter.

3. Traditional boarding (dog kennels/catteries)

One standard option is placing pets in boarding kennels or catteries while you are away. If this is your preferred choice, call ahead and confirm the facility’s certification, and the licensing of the caretakers.

4. In-home pet boarding

In-home boarding involves you bringing your animals to a pet sitter’s home in your area before leaving on vacation.

5. Prepare the necessities

Whether your pets are staying at home or at a boarding facility, prepare enough supplies to last the whole duration of your vacation.

5. Prepare the necessities

Provide specific instructions on your pets’ routines, bathroom schedule, and favourite treats and toys.

6. Call a friend, family member, or neighbour

Next time you go on holiday, consider asking a close friend or family member to stop in to feed and play with your four-legged family members.

7. Take them along

Traveling with pets can be enjoyable in some circumstances and is becoming more practical as pet-friendly hotels proliferate.