What to Know About Caring for Your Small Pet in Cold Weather

Be Cautious of Overheating

While supplemental heat is very important, we can also overheat our animals, which can be just as dangerous.

Keep Heat Accessible

We advises small-pet owners to make sure you have a backup heat source available for your pet. Check with your veterinarian regarding what kinds of heat are safe for your pets.

Prepare in Advance

Snow storms are still common at this time of year, so we advise owners to make sure you have the proper means of transportation and heating for all your pets.

Talk to Your Vet

Veterinarians are always happy to help advise owners on how to properly care for their pets, and when in doubt, they’re the best person to help you understand the health risks of your specific type of pet.

Treat Your Pet With Care

Unlike cats and dogs, which have been domesticated for thousands of years, most other pets (especially reptiles) are not made to live in the conditions we do. They need specialized environmental conditions, and some are very intolerant of change.