Why Are Dogs’ Noses Wet?

What Is a Normal Nose for a Dog?

Most of the time, dog noses are cold and moist. However, just like dogs in general, they do vary a lot from individual to individual, and from time to time.

What Is a Normal Nose for a Dog?

An old proverb told us that a moist nose indicates good health and a dry nose indicates a sick dog. This is not true and all you need to know is what is normal for your dog.

Why Is a Dog’s Nose Wet?

There are several potential causes for why most dogs' noses are damp (again, some dogs have mostly dry noses, and this is normal for them).

1. Controlling the air that enters the lungs

Before it can enter the lungs, noses filter the air for debris. Air entering the lungs is made more humid by the wet nose.

2. Sweating

The majority of the time, dogs cannot perspire, however, some specialized skin regions may. These skin fragments can be found on the nose and the pads of the feet.

3. Smell and taste!

Dogs are also better able to capture the molecules responsible for tastes and scents because they have wet mucus on the surface of their noses. 

4. Thermal imaging camera?

Recent studies indicate that dogs' noses might even be able to sense heat at a distance. All of the delicate nerves that enable this detection are probably protected by the wet mucus in the nose.

5. Dogs lick their noses

Moisture is so important to the canine sense of smell that dogs learn to keep their nose moist and will automatically lick their noses when they become dry.