5 Winter Activities You Can Plan With Your Pet

1. Snowball games with dogs

For some dogs, especially those thick, double-coated “snow dogs,” winter is the best time of year. Bounding through deep piles of snow and burying themselves in the fluffy white stuff is all they want to do.

2. The classic fetch game with a twist

Dogs enjoy playing fetch because it stimulates their instinct to hunt and recover prey. Consider fresh and intriguing toys to expand the game instead of sticking with the simple dog balls.

3. In-house play dates

When you are trapped at home and bored, it is never a bad idea to ask a friend over. Therefore, arrange a pleasant play date for your dog with other animals, and let them to run around and play indoors.

4. Smell it out

Dogs enjoy sniffing everything, so a fun game of hide and seek will test your dog's inquisitive nose. Simply hide high-protein treats around the house, and when your dog finds one, politely praise them.

5. Brush up on training or teach them new skills

Being inside and able to spend time with your dog allows you to teach them new skills or review old ones, which is the finest aspect of being indoors.