8 Best Foods for Gerbils


8. Egg

A little bit of egg can be a great snack for a gerbil. Egg whites are packed with protein, which is exactly what small pets need. The yolk contains valuable nutrients. It also contains fat, so be sparing in how much yolk you offer. The egg may be scrambled or hardboiled. It is usually easiest to just use a small amount of your own breakfast to feed the gerbil, but you can also prepare food ahead of time and keep in the fridge or even the freezer for later.

Remember that your gerbil’s diet should mainly consist of food pellets. The pellets are specially formulated to provide all the nutrition your gerbil requires, but as with many animals, variety is appreciated.

Stay away from large chunks of hard food, which can pose a choking hazard to small animals. You can try offering several smaller pieces, if you like. Food may be presented in a dish or you might scatter things like seeds throughout the bedding. Don’t do this with fresh food unless you plan to clean the cage immediately afterward, however, as the food can rot and cause health problems.