9 Ways to Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby


While bringing home a new baby is an overall joyous experience, your pets might be overwhelmed by the new addition to your household. However, with the proper planning and training, your dog will get along with your new baby. Don’t wait until the big day to start training. Get your dog ready to accept the new baby as soon as you discover you’re expecting; it’s never too early to begin training. The following nine tips cover areas of particular concern.

1. Evaluate your dog’s general behavior

Examine your dog’s behavior to determine if there are any issues of fear or aggression. How does he react when someone gets close to his toys, bed, and food bowl? Is he especially sensitive when he’s around children and toddlers? What does he do if someone pulls his tail or tugs at his ears? If you observe questionable behaviors, address them with remedial training from a certified trainer and ask your vet for professional advice.