10 Housetraining Tips for First-Time Puppy Owners


Few things are cuter than a puppy. Waddling around, chasing anything that moves, and giving lots of kisses. And that puppy smell! But then there are the accidents. First-time puppy owners, especially, aren’t accustomed to seeing their house being used as one big bathroom. Fortunately, even novice pet parents can housetrain a puppy; all you need is a little know-how and patience. If you’re tired of stepping over puddles, try these ideas:

1. Pick the right time to start

Pet experts suggest starting house training when a puppy is twelve to sixteen weeks old. Before that, a puppy may not be physiologically ready to “hold it.” Any later, and he’s started to form some bad habits. If you adopt an older dog who isn’t housetrained, your job will be a little harder, but you can do it.