7 Ways to Help Your Kitten and Puppy Get Along


My mom is afraid of cats; I adore them. But as a child, I was not allowed to have a cat for a pet. Once I moved out of the house on my own, I got one.

However, after some time, I had to move back home, but now I had a cat who was also pregnant with no place to go. My mom actually allowed the cat when I moved back home. Long story so I will save it for another time.

My parents had a dog, and he was thrilled to have a playmate! They seemed to get along quite well, and the dog truly became the “kitten sitter” when the babies were born. The cat and dog even slept together in the dog house.

This is not the case for everyone though. Here are some ways to help your kitten and puppy get along, especially when they first meet each other.

1. Give the kitten its own safe place

The dog will usually be more aggressive whether it is for play or not, so you will want to provide a safe place for the cat to escape. It can be a separate room or a place up high. Provide all the toys, food, and comforts for the cat there so it feels safe.

2. Use a leash to control behavior

If your dog is just too excited or anxious about interacting with the cat, use a leash to control the dog’s behavior. Keep a good distance between the two and let the cat approach the dog when it feels ready.

3. Use a baby gate

Many people use a baby gate to separate the two and let them get close to each other without fear. They can sniff each other out through the gate and get acquainted with each other’s scent before removing the gate.

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4. Give time to explore each other’s spaces

When one of the animals is gone or outside, allow the other to check out the space of their new friend. This gives them a good sense of the scents and new environment confidently.

5. Train your dog

Train your dog with commands such as sit, stay, etc. so that the dog will obey the commands without problems when the cat enters the room. Again, you might need to use a leash at first.

6. Do not allow a chase

A dog’s natural sense is to chase something that runs from it, so if the cat runs away from the dog, it will naturally put up a chase. Do not allow this to happen because not only does it compound the cat’s fears, it can end up in a disastrous tangle you do not want to have.

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7. Let nature take its course

Nature will take its course and sooner or later the cat will decide the dog is okay or vice versa. Let the animals decide when the time is right.

Wanting your puppy and kitten to get along is understandable. But, do not force your desires on them. They will figure it out sooner or later, with your guidance, of course.