10 Tips for Bringing a New Puppy Home


Bringing your new puppy home for the first time is a wonderful experience. Watching a puppy explore its new environment provides plenty of cute and funny moments due to its clumsiness and innocent curiosity. You may even have other pets that you need to introduce your puppy to so that they can all live together in harmony. New puppies can be quite destructive during the first few weeks until they are trained. If they have not yet had all their vaccinations, then they cannot venture outside even to use the toilet. Therefore you will need plenty of supplies and some useful items to make integrating your new puppy into your home a smooth and easy process.

1. Purchase a good supply of puppy pads

If your puppy cannot go outside, you will need plenty of pads to use as a bathroom until it is old enough for outdoor walks. Buying pads in bulk using the Internet is much cheaper than purchasing them from your local pet store. Start by placing the pad close to your puppy’s bed, and then gradually move it closer towards the door as the puppy gets used to using it.