9 Items of Home Decor for Pets


Just because you own pets doesn’t mean your home has to be any less stylish or innovative than a modern show home. Finding clever and unusual ways to incorporate your pet’s needs into your home décor can actually produce some stunning results. Many items can be made using recycled furniture making it kinder on the environment and your wallet. Pets are part of the family and deserve their own private nook in the family home. Whether your pets prefer to live inside or outside, you can create inspiring places for them to eat, rest and play.

1. Bunk Beds

Pet bunk beds are the ideal solution for small homes with big pets. Two large dog beds can easily take up four square metres in the home. This is a huge amount for small studio apartments or homes with limited space. Many companies now offer custom-built bunk beds that can even accommodate a large pet on the bottom level and a smaller one on top. Cat bunk beds can hold up to four cats in a relatively small space. Bunk beds can be created from an old chest of drawers, pallets, or any other type of salvaged wood.