10 Things to Consider When Choosing Dog Food


Walking down the food aisle in a pet store can be overwhelming. There are literally dozens of different dog foods available to you, each spouting specific health benefits. Which food should you choose?

There are a few things to consider when looking at which dog food is best for your canine pal.

1. Understand the terminology

There are specific guidelines to what pet food must contain, according to the wording on the package. Understanding what these words mean will help you decide on the best food option.

If the package says it is made with one ingredient, such as chicken, then that ingredient must make up 95% of the actual food. Likewise, if a combination of foods is prominent, such as chicken and beef, that combination must make up 95% of the food.

If you see words such as dinner, entrée or platter, the main ingredient on the front of the package must form at least 25% of the food. Where the label says “with” an ingredient, there only has to be 3% of that specific ingredient.

For example, if the label says Dog Food with Liver, the mixture probably contains just 3% liver. Flavors mean there is probably very little of the actual food in the container.