7 Interesting Things You May Not Know about Dogs


Most of us have dogs. We treat them like our family members, feed them, take them for a walk, cuddle them and play with them. Dogs guard us and our houses. We give dogs the same affection and love as we give to our close ones. If you like dogs, here are a few interesting things you may not know about them.

1. Nose print

A dog’s nose print is unique, just like human finger prints. It can be used to accurately identify a dog. Next time when you lose your dog or he runs away, keep a nose print handy.

2. Temperature

A dog’s body temperature is higher than a human’s body temperature. Dogs have sweat glands only on the pads of their paws, so they do not perspire. Therefore, when kept in cars or closed rooms or on hot days, a dog’s body temperature seems warmer than usual.

3. Vision

Dogs don’t see as far as people do but they have better night vision. Dogs are able to detect motion and see objects during night hours much better than humans. It’s another interesting thing you may not know about dogs.

4. Alone time

You may not also know that it is absolutely okay to leave your dog home alone for a while. It varies for each dog, what your dog does in his alone time, but you shouldn’t worry, if you have a pressing business and have to leave him. 6 hours for a dog and 3 hours for a puppy are absolutely safe bets.

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5. Smell and sound

A dog’s sense of smell is much more sensitive than those of human beings. Dogs hear much higher frequency sounds than humans and can also determine the direction from which the sound originates.

6. Leftovers

Never feed your dog with left over bones, because it can cause diarrhea. It may also result in choking, so that your dog might be operated. Make sure you feed your dog in the right way.

7. Dangerous play

Your puppy or dog might like to chase his wagging tail, but this might result in a back injury. Don’t indulge your dog into such acts and distract him with some other activities. For instance, throw a ball and tell your dog to fetch it.

I love dogs and I don’t understand people who don’t like them! And what about you? Do you like dogs? What other interesting facts do you know about dogs? Share them with us, please.