10 Most Popular Myths about Dogs


It is for no reason that dogs are fondly referred to as mankind’s best friend, and for millennia on end, these indispensable components of human civilization, have made life for more interesting and rewarding. Many dog owners derive a huge sense of satisfaction and gratification from the companionship of these pets, not to mention the other benefits of owning a dog like enhancing your home’s security. A dog is man’s best friend although there are several myths about the them which you will get to know in this review.

Naturally, over such a long span of time, diverse and sometimes outright ridiculous myths relating to these adorable canines have emerged. And the sad thing about it is that due to human nature, these beliefs have gone on to be established as seemingly incontestable facts.

For the most part, however, these myths are often absolutely false, and are usually used to rationalize some distinct attributes of dogs and how they relate to their immediate environment. Some of the 10 common myths about dogs that have stubbornly refused to give way to irrefutable reason and they include:

1. A dog’s mouth happens to be cleaner than the average person

Dogs are by nature very lively and highly emotional creatures, and it is quite common to witness dogs licking the hands or even face of someone they are fond of. And since such occurrences almost always never trigger any discernible health consequences, many people believe that dogs’ mouths are usually cleaner than most individuals

Fact: This is an entirely false belief, and by merely considering some of the things dogs ingest, it can clearly be established that a dog’s mouth is not as clean as some people would believe. A dog’s mouth carries with it a lot of germs and other gooey things. What most people don’t comprehend is that many of these germs are specific to dogs alone and are rarely harmful to man.