10 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs


If you happen to tell a cat lover that a dog makes a better pet, then be prepared for a heated debate. While it’s true that most pet lovers think that this is still an open question, there are several indisputable scientific facts that clearly show that cats have the edge. For instance, according to a recent research, the number of people who own pet cats in the United States is somewhat higher compared to the number of those with dogs as pets. Also, cats are currently the most popular pet in the entire world. In fact, it’s pretty fascinating to point out that good number of die-hard dog lovers have inched towards the light of the feline side. Basically, this means that you will stand a better chance of winning the argument that cats are indeed the most preferred furred companion, but if you base it on the following 10 reasons why cats are better than dogs.

1. Cats treat your guests politely: They won’t maul your guests

It is quite evident that the moment your guest steps through the door, a dog will start barking and pawing at him/her. As a matter of fact, your visitor’s clothes might become covered with dog hair and muddy paw prints that might make him/her feel offended. Fortunately, having a cat as your pet helps ensure that your guests will be treated more politely considering the fact cats often take time to observe new arrivals from afar before acknowledging them with a tail twitch and a cautious once-over.

2. Cats have immaculate hygiene: They are not filthy and smelly like dogs

There is nothing that can scare away your guests as well as your friends than a filthy and smelly dog. Unlike dogs that have a behavior of rolling around in piles of dirt and garbage, cats spend most of their time self-grooming. Ideally, they are fastidious self-groomers, and take care to be clean and odor-free at all times. Additionally, with daily shampooing and brushing, your pet cat can shed somewhat little fur. Essentially, this is one of the key reasons why most women believe that cats are better than dogs.

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3. Silence is golden

A cat can save its precious meows to situations when it requires your attention. For instance, if a cat is feeling hungry or rather uncomfortable, it will tend to meow, but not loudly as a dog’s bark. However, this is not the case with a dog since it can bark hysterically at nearly everything or anyone causing distress to both your family and neighbors. With a pet cat, your neighbor will never call you in the middle of the night to complain that your cat is meowing loudly.

4. Cats do not need to be walked or exercised

A dog will tend to be more aggressive if it doesn’t get enough exercise, and to make it worse, it will try to resist any form of exercise like walking, especially if it’s not well trained. Nonetheless, cats can walk themselves, and hence you don’t have to drag your pet around the park when you have better things to do. Dogs must be walked or exercised several times in a day, no matter if it’s blazing hot, snowing, raining or sleeting.

5. A cats is a natural insect repellent

Cats are masters of extermination, particular when it comes to repelling insect or any other winged living things, and will tend to climb walls to dislodge them from their hiding places. It is quite fascinating to note that even lazy fly sneaking in via a screen door has limited chance of survival when you have a cat around your home. Dogs hardly earn their keep because they fail in keeping pests like insects and mice at bay.

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6. Food costs: It costs less to feed a cat than a dog

Actually, the cost of pet food is one of the most important considerations that homeowners make nowadays when selecting a pet, especially if it entails a choice between a cat and a dog. Dogs must be fed on high-quality dog food and healthy dog treats, but cats only require a few cans of premium cat food that can last for several days. Basically, the cost of feeding a dog is usually very high depending on the size and energy level of your dog.

7. Cats are more independent than dogs

It is usually quite difficult for most homeowners to leave a dog alone at home without someone to keep an eye on it. This can be attributed to the fact that the dog’s aggressiveness might make it feel restless, and can even cause unnecessary damage to you property as a consequence of separation anxiety. Cats need less care, and thus you can leave them at home for long periods of time without having to worry about any damage to your property.

8. Cats make the best pets if you live in an apartment

Whether you live in a small or big apartment, cats need less space for their supplies, and it is intriguing to mention that you can even get along quite well with up to 3 cats in a small apartment. In fact, many landlords prefer tenants with cats than those with dogs. This can be attributed to the fact that less damage repair will be needed if you move out because of scratched walls and doors, stained carpet, and the need for a completes painting.

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9. Cats enjoy bringing gifts to their loved ones

Cats are hunters at heart, and they are simply miniature versions of lions, cheetahs and tigers. As much as it’s true that a cat cant down a wildebeest, it can settle to smaller prey like mole, bird or unidentified critter part. The most interesting thing with a cat’s hunting is that it can bring their hunt to you as proof of its devotion to you. A dog can hunt a whole day, but it will present you with a loud bark.

10. Kittens are cuter than pups

It is pretty remarkable that both puppies and kittens are adorable, but the introduction of the “cute factor” puts more weight onto the latter. Actually, this explains why women most women prefer buying puppies for their children as gifts.

I personally love equally dogs and cats, as well as other pets! But I understand that sometimes cats are better than dogs. What do you think? Are there any other reasons cats are better than dogs? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!