10 Things to Consider When Choosing Cat Food 🐈


Picking a cat food brand for your little pet can sound simple – it requires nothing more than a trip to the pet food aisle at the supermarket. When you get there, though, you’ll likely face 8-foot stacks of cat food from dozens of brands.

Which should you get? What should you look for when you compare one brand with another? Here are a few important things to know when choosing cat food.

1. You need to first learn to read the label

Pet food is regulated by the government, the way human food is. The statements made on the labels on pet food packages follow the requirements of the law.

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Look for the following when you compare one brand against another.

  • You should look for the statement of intent on the label and make sure that the food you pick is specifically made for cats.
  • By law, the ingredients included in a package of pet food need to be declared in decreasing order of weight. Since meat tends to have considerable moisture content, it usually appears at the top of the list on any package that contains moist pet food. A package of dry cat food with the same ingredients as a package of moist cat food would need to list its ingredients in a different order. When you compare two different brands, you need to keep in mind whether they are both foods in the same category – moist or dry.