Fight Cat Odor in Your Home with These 7 Tricks


Cats are cute, innocent and friendly, but that strong odor at home – it’s a true battle. Typically, people who have cats in their homes don’t smell the odor their pets cause. Even if they do, they think it’s okay. You can’t get rid of your pets just because they cause bad odors so you accept the problem and simply ignore it. However, there are a few tricks that will help to make your home smell great even when you have 3 cats (I own 5 cats and don’t have any problems with odors!) Some of these tips are obvious but often ignored.

1. Don’t lid a litter tray

Nowadays litter trays for cats with a lid are very popular. They can seem much better for your kitty and enable it some privacy. But unfortunately, when you use a lid there can’t be enough ventilation. And it will give all conditions for bad smell. I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t buy lidded litter trays. Of course, you can. But first make sure they have good ventilation and can be easily used by your cat.

2. Change the litter

It’s crucial to pay attention to the litter you use. Your cat’s litter can greatly influence the smell in your house. Many people use newspapers while others use sand and even sawdust. The reason is because it’s cheap and available. But there is one disadvantage. They will make a strong stink. More expensive way to prevent the odor is to clump cat litter. Deodorizing it is a great option too. But do you want to smell that strong chemical odor? Look for eco-friendly cat litters to keep your furry friend and yourself healthy.

3. Use baking soda

If you want to quickly eliminate cat smell from your home before your guest arrive, opt for baking soda. Baking soda has fantastic odor-absorbing and mild abrasive qualities, not to mention that it’s a natural product that can deodorize cat litter without harming your health. Sprinkle some baking soda over the litter when you change it to vanish the bad stink.

4. Feed your cat carefully

The food you give your cat is very important. Cat’s odor also depends on the food they eat. There are lots of foods, such as dry cat food and milk, that can greatly increase cat odor in your home. Milk is overall bad for cat’s stomach. Your cat’s food shouldn’t be too much dry and too much wet either. Feeding your cat correctly is the key to a good smelling home.

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5. Don’t change the litter place

If you don’t want your cat to pee all over the house, never change the litter place. If you want to change its place then be ready to cope with the terrible consequences. Cats are smart, but when they can’t find the litter tray in its usual place, all they do is just pee on the carpet or your bed. If you have to change the place of the litter. Start slowly. Use one more litter tray in a new place, and leave the old one on its place. Once your pet gets used to a new litter, you can remove the old one.

6. Scoop properly

Scooping the litter of your cat is not a great pleasure. If you do that regularly you will avoid cat odor and problems with hygiene. If possible, do it several times a day. You will get rid of a bad smell and keep away your furry friend from urine infections and other health problems that most cats suffer from.

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7. Use natural air fresheners

Store-bought air fresheners are toxic and expensive. Apart from baking soda, there are many all natural air fresheners like cinnamon, cloves and lemon water. These ingredients will keep your home smelling fresh and won’t affect your cat’s health. You can also use fresh flowers to freshen and deodorize your home. But when picking flowers, make sure they are not dangerous to your kitten.

Definitely, cat odor is a problem. You can solve this problem in a matter of seconds, if you use one of the tricks mentioned above. If cat odor is too severe, show your cat to a vet. If your cat is very old, severe odors can be a sign of a serious disease and even death. What methods do you use to fight cat odor in your home?