Adoption Is the Best Option: Why You Should Adopt Rescue Pets


No matter whether you like dogs or cats, there are many reasons to adopt a rescue pet. Most people get a purebred pet from an expensive breeder without realizing how wonderful a pet from a shelter can be. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals – all of them – but I can’t understand people who claim rescue pets are sick and disobedient. Yes, it’s partially true, but when you adopt a sick pet you have a wonderful opportunity to save at least one little life today. Like homeless children, rescue pets are disobedient because no one cares about them. Check out some of the most important reasons why adoption is the best option when it comes to rescue animals.

1. Adult pets deserve love too

Let’s be honest, most people adopt kittens or puppies and only few of us think of adopting an adult pet. Everyone wants a little baby. But adult pets need and deserve love too. The best advantage of adopting adult animals is that they’re well behaved and already trained. A puppy or a kitten requires lots of time and commitment while adult pets are already quite affectionate.

2. Save a life

Saving an animal life is another great reason to adopt a rescue pet. Some shelters run out of cages and are forced to euthanatize poor animals. Put an end to this and adopt at least one rescue animal today. Not only will you save the life of a loving and cute pet, you will bring some joy in your life as well.

3. They are cheaper

Usually it’s much cheaper to adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue group than to buy them from a breeder. Typically shelters charge an adoption fee about $150, but that covers neutering or spaying, basic health check-up, a first set of vaccinations, microchip, and many helpful tips on how to care of a new pet. Breeders can run you between $500 to a tremendous $2,000. So think twice before buying an animal. Besides, you can adopt a pet for free too.

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4. Give them a second chance

When these pets stay in shelters, they have the basics to survive. Many of them come from rough backgrounds, and some pets end up in shelters because they were abused. These animals aren’t broken and they deserve a second chance. Before I adopted my dog from a shelter, he was abused. I can say he is an amazing dog. Knowing that you give a rescue pet a second chance is a really rewarding feeling.

5. Rescue pets give unconditional love

Rescue pets need someone to love them and take care of them. In return they give you unconditional love. Just think about lovely pet running up to you and placing their front paws on your knees. Animals can love you in a way you couldn’t even imagine. And how can you turn down that kind of love?

6. They’re healthy

One of the most common misconceptions about rescue pets is that they’re dangerous, unhealthy, or even broken. In truth, these poor animals end up in a shelter because of their previous owners: the family didn’t have enough time to take care of the pet, they had to move, or they just no longer wanted a pet. Go to your local shelter and you will be surrounded by healthy and happy animals.

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7. They will make your life happier

Perhaps, this is the most rewarding reason to adopt a rescue pet. Just knowing that you’re giving a poor animal a happy life, a caring family, and a loving home, can give you an amazing feeling of joy. Knowing that you have unconditional love for your pet and seeing that furry face smiling up to you will leave you feeling great. You will never feel lonely again and you will have someone to help you get through rough times.

When adopting animals from a shelter, you give them a second chance of a better life filled with happiness and love. The sad truth is many of us are selfish towards animals but I hope you love animals and will adopt at least one rescue pet down the road. Do you think pet adoption is a great option? Share your thoughts with us please.