9 Exotic Cat Breeds You May Have Never Seen Before


The cats we are used to seeing at home are absolutely unlike those I`m going to talk about now. Their look, behavior, habits are unusual for us. These extraordinary cat breeds will be appreciated according to their deserts by cat owners.

These animals have their specific character and can suit not every home and person`s expectations. But anyway, let`s get acquainted with them!

1. Savannah cat

That is a relatively new breed, and it was recognized only in 2001 by the International Cat Association (TICA). Savannah Cat is a mixed breed of a serval and a domestic cat. A serval is a slender African wild cat with large ears, long legs, and a black-spotted orange-brown coat. That`s why Savannahs weigh up to 30 pounds.

Although there is some wild spirit in them, this cat is more social and more loyal, like dogs usually do, than average domestic cats.

It`s not an easy job to develop this breed. The scientists cross a serval and a house cat, so the kittens are received directly, known as the F1 generation. Unfortunately, it may take years for the kittens to be born, but they are half-wild serval, the half domestic cat. Because of this, their price is beyond the clouds, about $30,000 for F1s. You can also get F5 Savannahs for $2,000.

The price gets lower with every next generation, as they may be no more thoroughbred. Thus, taking into consideration everything said above, I can say that this animal is very difficult to find and get, but be sure, they`ll be the best friend of yours.