7 Tips on How to Avoid Spoiling Your Pet


We all love pets very much, they are our good friends and most people have puppies at home. I also belong to this group of people. As a rule, we love and pamper our dear creatures that much that they turn into mean, fat, impudent and totally uncontrollable pets. To avoid this you should know some tips on how to manage with the problem effectively. Here are seven tips on how to avoid spoiling your pet.

1. Don`t be dazzled by his cute face

After some time of having a pet in your house you come to realize that they are much smarter than we think. And this is true. According to my experience I can say that my puppy has typical face expressions for various situations starting from “I took a dump there, a quest for you” and “Are you insane?” up to “How dear you eat before you feed me?” kind of faces. When you notice some kind of a suspicious but extremely cute face don`t be in a hurry to start caressing him, be attentive and don`t let it distract you.

2. Control his food ration

It is very important to set certain rules on what, how much, when and where your pet should eat. This imports his discipline nearly. You shouldn`t fatten him up or feed him out of your plate and while your family sits down for dinner. Sometimes what we eat can`t be given to a puppy. So it is advised to know for sure what it is allowed for him to consume and what is forbidden according to his brew. To find out this information you may consult a vet or surf the net. Moreover, your treasure should receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals so his diet is to be balanced. So do your best to keep your pet healthy and obedient.

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3. Punishment and reward method

Don`t be afraid to punish your darling when he does something wrong even if he gives you that innocent doggy look. You also must remember that he should be punished right away not in an hour later otherwise he won`t have the faintest idea why you punish him. At the same time, don`t forget to reward your dog when he does something right, again do it immediately without hesitation. Then he will learn those signals and become an obedient puppy.

4. Have his own toys

As you are teaching your pet not to touch some things in your house, you should have enough of toys for him to make replacements. As soon as you notice your sock in his mouth, take it away and give him a ball or a special bone to chew. Take some time to play with him using those toys especially when you see him being in the playful mood. As this becomes a habit, you will feel calm leaving something in his reach.

5. Forbid shoe chewing

You should realize that your dog is unable to differentiate a pair of cheap house slippers and a pair of fashionable brand shoes. That`s why when he starts chewing his first slipper you should take all the necessary measures for it not to happen again. Firstly, take a shoe away and punish him. Then your main task is to hide all the footwear which is in his reach. Buy him some special toys so that he would have enough to chew and wouldn`t even think of your shoes.

6. Don`t allow him everything

His being super cute little thing should never be an excuse to allow him everything. Remember, if your puppy gets used to chew, lick and play with everything he can reach, the situation will get much worse when he gets older. So set some rules for him to follow and keep your beloved creature under control and have him in hand.

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7. No more dog diapers

When you bring a puppy to your house you automatically confirm that you are aware of all the responsibilities you are taking including taking him for a walk at least twice a day. Dog diapers are a good and useful thing when you have to travel, or he has stomach disorders or any other contingency. Don`t use them on a daily basis. Yes, it makes your life a bit easier but it also spoils your dog and doesn`t teach him anything. Sure, you will have to scold him hundreds of times and clean the floor but eventually he will get taught to sit at the door and wait till you get him for a walk.

Personally I don`t like those fat naughty dogs and their poor owners. As there is a puppy in your house it becomes your child and you have to bring it up and educate. So I hope these tips will be useful for you and will help you not to spoil your pet. I am all for pet`s right upbringing! Are you with me?