10 Important Tips for Caring for Guinea Pigs


Guinea pigs are small rodents that are commonly kept as pets. There are many different breeds of them, with a wide variety of coat lengths and colors. Due to their friendly and sociable nature, they’re considered by many to be great pets for children.

In any case, there should always be a responsible adult around to ensure that they’re properly cared for. Here are some important tips for caring for guinea pigs:

1. Cages

Many cages intended for guinea pigs are far too small, leaving them little room to roam freely. When you consider that they’re among the largest rodents commonly kept as pets, it doesn’t make much sense for their cages to be only slightly larger than those meant for hamsters.

Guinea pigs rely on floor space for their exercise, so expecting them to live comfortably in a 2 square foot enclosure is like expecting a human to live in a walk-in closet. Veterinarians recommend at least 7.5 square feet of space for one or two guinea pigs, 10.5 square feet for three, and 13 square feet for four.