10 Small Pets That Are Great for Kids


Having pets can be a great experience for children. Pets offer love and companionship and teach children responsibility. Small pets are great for kids because they don’t require a lot of maintenance. They don’t need to be walked or played with every day and they offer kids a chance to demonstrate how much responsibility they are willing to take on. Before going out and buying a dog or a cat, train your kids with one of these little critters. Any of these small pets would make a great companion.

1. Guinea Pigs

These furry critters are sometimes confused with hamsters, but guinea pigs are a totally different affair. Guinea pigs are larger and less fragile than hamsters. They are also noticeably more affectionate and sociable. Life spans are longer with guinea pigs, living anywhere from 4 to 9 years. This gives kids a great opportunity to watch their pets grow and mature and even learn tricks. Bigger cages than that of hamsters are required and a full stock of toys to keep those critters active. As with all pets, kids should be made aware of what a healthy diet is. Guinea pigs should have a steady diet that includes a good dose of vitamin C for optimum health. Kids should also be taught how to clean up after their pet to ensure a healthy and happy life for both pet and owner.