7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hamster


Hamsters are funny, attractive, lively, active, clean, and easy to care for! The main thing to remember is that your hamster needs enough space to play, sleep and feed. Check out a few tips for taking care of your hamster!

1. Buy an igloo for your hamster

Your hamster needs something to sleep in, so make something in the cage or buy an igloo for your beloved pet in the pet store. I have four hamsters, and I can say that they really love the igloo-shaped houses to hide in.

2. Don’t forget to feed your pet

It’s important not to forget to feed your hamster. You can feed your hamster a commercially prepared hamster-food mix twice a day and give a small supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you decide to give your hamster a new food, introduce it very slowly so he/she can get used to it.

3. Don’t forget the importance of water for your hamster

Make sure you keep your hamster supplied with clean water. Placing a bowl of water in your hamster’s cage won’t work since it can end up with pieces of food and bedding in it. So buy the type of bottles that attach to the side of the cage. And don’t forget to refill the bottle every day.

4. Give your hamster enough chew toys

Your hamster also needs to have a few chew toys for his/her teeth. All hamsters like to chew on things. There are many special chew toys in pet stores, which have been designed specifically for hamsters. Hamster toys are essential if you do not want your hamster to get bored.

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5. Don’t bathe your hamster

Hamsters do not like water so never bathe your hamster. Hamsters always keep themselves meticulously cleaned. If you believe your hamster smell bad, then the smell is more than likely coming from the dirty cage. Make sure you always keep the hamster’s cage clean.

6. Watch where you place the cage

It is important to place your hamster’s cage out of the direct sunlight and draughts. Please place it in a quiet part of your home where you’ll visit your hamster frequently. Don’t put the cage in an unheated room, garage, breezeway, or other cold places.

7. Your hamster needs to exercise

Hamsters are speedy and agile creatures, and they need to exercise, so make sure your hamster’s cage has plenty of room to exercise. Hamsters need an exercise wheel to keep their muscles strong and healthy. When your hamster is outside the cage, you can put him/her in a plastic hamster ball that you can buy in a local pet store.

A hamster is a fun animal to play with, and it can really make an exciting pet. Do you like hamsters? Do you have any other tips for taking care of a hamster? Share your thoughts, please!