9 Most Dangerous People Foods for Hamsters


Hamsters love to taste new foods. If you let them roam around the house, you’ll likely find your pet munching on something out of the garbage or left lying around. Sadly, many hamsters end up being sick because of something they ate. You might not realize that a popular food is harmful to your pet, so be sure to check before feeding your rodent anything new. While it’s fine to offer some treats to your pet from time to time, be careful to avoid the following foods:

1. Chocolate

Anything with caffeine in it should be kept away from hamsters, but chocolate is one of the worst offenders. It has caffeine and theobromine, both of which can cause issues in animals. Caffeine can stimulate your hamster’s heart and cause it to race, but theobromine can actually poison your pet. Feeding your hamster chocolate may result in stomach and digestive problems, heart problems, and even seizures.