10 Most Popular Hamster Names


Hamsters make wonderful pets that will keep you entertained for hours due to their playful and affectionate nature. They make wonderful starter pets for children as they are fairly low-maintenance and will teach your child how to be responsible and care for a living creature. The hardest part of owning a hamster is deciding which breed to choose as there are five main breeds of domesticated hamster that range in size, colour and life-span. Once you get your new pet home, you will need to choose the perfect name that suits their appearance and individual heritage. Here are a few popular hamster pet names to consider.

1. Titch

Roborovski hamsters are native to the Gobi Desert. They are the smallest species of domesticated hamster with an average length of just 4.5cm. They require a special cage as they can easily squeeze between the bars of a standard cage. Why not pay homage to your tiny friend by honouring it with a name that celebrates its tiny stature such as titch, micro, peanut or short-stack?