7 Signs You Are too Obsessed with Your Pet


When you love your pet too much, and you can’t just stop thinking about it, you might be obsessed with your pet.

Have you ever heard about pet obsession? No? Then I recommend you to check out a few signs you are too obsessed with your pet.

1. You give priority to your pet

One of the signs you are too obsessed with your pet is that you always prioritize your beloved pet. For instance, if you had to choose between your family or your partner and your pet and you would choose your pet, think twice! It’s not good, you should think about people too!

2. You talk to your pet all the time

Sure, talking to animals is normal, since some of them could understand what you tell them. But talking to your pet all the time is not normal. If you talk to your pet more often than to your partner or family, you are absolutely obsessed with your pet.

3. You have a property named after your pet’s name

If you’ve named your property after your pet, then you are too obsessed with your pet. Remember, pets need care and love, and they don’t need luxury cars and huge mansions named after them. Again think about your family, especially about your kids!

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4. You arrange a party for your pet

Although you love your pet, throwing parties for your pet is too much, trust me. If you decided to celebrate your pet’s birthday and invite all the pets, you are completely obsessed with your pet.

5. You cannot sleep without your pet

If you cannot sleep without your pet being by your side, this is another sign you are too obsessed with your pet. Usually, pet owners have a separate corner for their pets, where they could sleep. And since you’re obsessed with your animal, you cannot sleep without it beside you.

6. You wear matching outfits with your pet

Do you wear the same outfits as your pet? Does your color coordinate your pet’s outfit with the one you wear? Remember, your pet isn’t an accessory; it’s just an animal! And you have a serious problem because you are too obsessed with your pet.

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7. You post all the pictures of your pet on social networking sites

If you post pictures of your pet on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on any other social networking site every single day, then you are definitely obsessed with your pet. Stop posting pictures of all the cute things you think your pet does.

Are you obsessed with your pet? Do you know any other signs a person is too obsessed with his/her pet? Share your thoughts, please!