5 Undeniable Reasons to Bring Your Pet into the Office


Taking a pet to work is a bit scary at first. You do not know what your boss and coworkers will say, and how your pet will react. However, it never hurts to try.

While some people are indifferent to pets, others can’t spend an hour without their furry friends. Read on to discover five undeniable reasons to bring your pet into the office.

1. Your pet can’t stand loneliness

If you have to leave your pet alone, you probably spend your entire working day worrying about them. You can’t call your pet and ask if everything okay. The situation might get worse when your pet can’t stand loneliness. The solution? Take them to work and accomplish all your tasks together. Don’t forget to pack two healthy lunches – for yourself and your furry friend.

2. Reduce the stress in your workplace

Animals have a positive impact on our overall health. They help us keep our heart healthy, control our blood pressure, and manage our stress levels.

If your workplace is your main source of stress and all those cute animal pictures on Instagram or Facebook do not help to fight stress, bring your puppy or hamster into the office. You will instantly feel the difference.

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3. Improve your mood

I have never heard anyone ever say that the pets ruined their mood. When you have your beloved pet in the workplace, it is impossible to be in a bad mood, even after your boss’s negative feedback. Regardless of what pet you own, be sure they have unbelievable mood-enhancing benefits.

4. Take short breaks

Researches over and over again show that taking a few mini-breaks during the hour is a key to high productivity. Moreover, it helps to keep stress at bay and can boost your mood. When you bring a puppy in the office, you have no excuse not to go for a walk during your lunchtime. When you take a rabbit, a cat, or a hamster to work, you can’t help but play at least a minute with them.

5. Promote a pet adoption

If someone in the office has no pet, you may give them an example, and make them run to the nearest animal shelter. There are so many pets that want to live with the families, help them find the ones. Show your coworkers that owning a pet has plenty of health benefits, even in the office.

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Today, many companies allow their employees to bring their pets into the office. While a little distraction factor still exists, the benefits outweigh it. Have you ever taken your furry friends to your workplace? Do you think pets can help us work better?