8 Benefits of Owning Rats


A rat for a pet may be difficult to see as a sensible idea at first – rats are usually seen as pests, after all. Rats are popular pets, nevertheless.

Many people have kept rats as pets for centuries. Their intelligence and their highly developed ability to bond makes them perfect as pets. If you haven’t considered keeping a rat for a pet, you’re missing out. Here’s what you get when you decide to get a rat.

1. Smart as a rat

Scientists choose to work with rats over other animals for two reasons – their physiology is closely related to that of humans and they are intelligent. Rats can be trained to learn new behavior and new tricks.

The intelligence of rats makes them fun pets to hang around with, too. Rat owner forums tend to have astonishing stories of the kinds of tricks that owners manage to teach their rats. Rat owners have potty-trained their rats, taught them to beg and trained them to sit on their shoulders on command.