10 Best Pet Names for Mice and Rats


When naming a rat or a mouse, picking out a moniker that fits can be tricky. After all, you probably want to avoid tired clichés, like Mickey or Stuart, but still want a classic name that fits your pet’s personality perfectly. Here is the list of some highly popular names for rats and mice.

1. Nicodemus – Rat

Nicodemus was a Pharisee, but that isn’t why you would name your rat Nicodemus. If you have ever read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, then you know that the Nicodemus character was a young, heroic, principled brown rat as well as the leader of the rats who lived in the rosebush.

In the film, The Secret of NIHM, Nicodemus is portrayed as old and wise and gray. Either way, he helps Mrs. Frisby during her quest and is generally considered to be a wise, just, and trustworthy individual. It’s a great name for a stoic rat.

2. Splinter – Rat

This is another great name for an older, wiser rat. Splinter was the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He trained them and guided them as they grew into the lean, green fighting machines of the series.

More importantly, Splinter also taught the turtles’ respect, courage, and kindness. Splinter is as tough as nails when he needs to be, but also exceptionally kind and selfless.

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3. Brain – Mouse

If you’ve never watched the cartoon Pinky and the Brain, then you might not know that Brain, a white lab mouse, continually has his plans for world domination foiled by his hapless sidekick Pinky. Brain is conniving and maniacal while Pinky is just happy to live in his cage and goof around all day. Brain is a force to be reckoned with, which makes this name very fitting for that supper intelligent mouse that seems like it just might be plotting your demise.

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4. Fievel Mousekewitz – Mouse

You need the full name of this little brown mouse to get the full effect. Fievel travels from Europe to the United States with his family, but gets lost along the way. Most of the movie, which is from Disney, has Fievel and his parents searching for each other, always missing out on a reunion by a matter of moments until the very end of the show.

Fievel is small and gentle with a heart of gold. His story is inspiring, which makes the name fitting for any little brown mouse who tugs on your heartstrings.

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5. Yoshi – Either

If you haven’t played Super Mario Brothers, then you don’t know that Yoshi is actually a dragon. Despite this fact, this lovable character has lent his name to countless pets from mice all the way up to horses.

What makes Yoshi so lovable are his appetite and his proclivity for panic. If you have a furry rodent friend who eats everything in view and panics at the sight of his own shadow, then Yoshi just might be the perfect name.

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6. Gerald – Mouse

You might know Gerald a bit better by his stage name – Jerry. Jerry is part of the cat and mouse team, Tom & Jerry, who has entertained us for decades. Jerry is smart and wily, but also chipper and cute. You get the impression that he would be happy to be friends with Tom if only Tom would stop trying to eat him. Jerry is a great name for any mouse with a big personality and a sharp wit.

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7. Rizzo – Rat

Rizzo is a wise-cracking rat that makes fun of Jim Henson’s other Muppets. Despite his constant wisecracks and attempts to cheat people into doing what he wants, Rizzo also has a sensitive side. He is a loyal friend and a fancy dresser. Rizzo is a fitting name for any rat with a large personality and a penchant for grooming.

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8. Ben – Rat

Use this name cautiously because Ben is not a friendly rat. In fact, Ben is the star a 1972 horror film of the same name. Befriended by a young boy named Danny, Ben uses his telepathic connection to his rat swarm to protect Danny from bullies.

Unfortunately, Ben cannot control his swarm and several violent incidents ensue. The police eventually destroy the swarm, but Ben survives and is tended to by Danny. This is a fitting name for the rat that has only one friend whom he protects at all costs.

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9. Basil – Mouse

Basil is a fictional mouse detective based on Sherlock Holmes. He works hard to rescue a small mouse named Olivia Flaversham, who has been taken by Professor Ratigan (a rat), while also working to protect the royal family from assassination. He is smart and tenacious, but more than a little conceited.

He tries hard to hide his sensitive side, but it shows through in spite of his best efforts. Basil is a great name for the sophisticated, proper, lovable mouse in your life.

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10. Miss Bianca and Bernard – Both Mice

This is a bonus category with a two-for-one deal. Both of these daring mice are from The Rescuers, a 1977 animated movie by Disney. Bernard is a timid janitor who reluctantly tags along with the bold and adventurous Bianca as they go in search of Penny, a young girl who has been kidnapped. Bianca heads up the Rescue Aid Society, an international mouse organization inside the United Nations.

Both are lovable mice, with Bernard playing the part of the quiet hero and Bianca playing the role of an outspoken, but a kind-hearted leader.

Names are important, even for rats and mice. They affect how we think about our pets, how we interact with them, and even how they behave to some extent. The names above may not fit your pet perfectly, but they should give you several great places to start searching. There are many more names associated with those above, so if one doesn’t suit your needs, use it as a starting point to find others.