10 Most Unique Pets You Can Own


Not everyone dreams of having a dog or a cat as a pet. If you’re interested in something a little more unique than the average pet, you’re in luck. There’s a whole world of animals available as exotic pets. Take a look at the list of the most unique pets you can own today.

1. Capybara

The capybara is a rodent, but it’s nothing like your kid’s hamster or guinea pig. Capybaras grow up to four feet long and usually weigh over a hundred pounds.

The rodent is illegal to keep as a pet in some areas, but as long as there is no exotic pet legislation where you live and you have lots of room and a pool or pond, you can easily add one of these high maintenance animals to your family.

2. Hedgehog

Despite their spines, hedgehogs are actually very friendly little creatures. They make excellent pets as they are low maintenance and calm, but they do require plenty of attention to get them used to people while they are small.

Check the legislation in your area before buying a cute little hedgehog. Keep in mind that these creatures are very nocturnal, so they work best for night owls.

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3. Fennec Fox

Most foxes make poor pets, but the Fennec fox is a great house pet. These adorable desert animals tend to be fairly small and can be housetrained to use a litter box. They require plenty of exercises, but are playful and don’t pose a threat.

A Fennec fox will be approximately the size and weight of a Chihuahua when fully grown.

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4. Spotted Genet

Originally from Africa, genets are high strung and active. They do make good pets for people who enjoy independent animals. Genets look like a cross between a cat, a ferret and a raccoon.

They are definitely considered to be exotic pets, however, so you may not be able to keep one in your state. Since they are so skittish, spotted genets tend to do best in single-person homes where they are the only pet.

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5. Miniature Donkey

Mini donkeys are fuzzy and adorable, but they are definitely not pets for the faint of heart. You can’t have just one mini donkey or he’ll be lonely, so buying this type of pet requires that you keep at least two.

Despite being a miniature version of the regular donkey, miniature ones are still at least three feet tall and weigh up to 300 lbs. However, they are great with kids and not everyone can say they keep a donkey in their backyard.

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6. Pygmy Goat

Speaking of miniature animals, pygmy goats are fun, but high maintenance pet. They are very small, but they can be noisy. The goats do best when there is more than one.

You can let them graze if you have enough space, otherwise, make sure you have plenty of grass hay and leaves for the animals to munch on. They are expert escape artists, so any structure built for a goat has to be very sturdy.

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7. Kinkajous

Photo: Sophs74

Kinkajous have been given a bad rap by celebrity owners, but they are actually pretty tranquil animals. They don’t like bright lights or crowds, however, so it’s best to leave your pet at home when you head to the bar.

The animals are high energy and require plenty of space to exercise. When handled regularly, you will find that kinkajous are very friendly and enjoyable pets. They grow to be around the size of a large cat.

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8. Boa Constrictors

Boa constrictors tend to be a lot friendlier than you might expect for a snake, especially considering their reputation. They are actually rather safe animals to keep in the home, though they can grow very large.

Snakes are reptiles and therefore carry the risk of salmonella, so frequent hand washing is a must with this pet.

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9. Skunk

At first glance, a skunk doesn’t seem like an ideal pet. However, if you have the scent glands removed, your pet will be perfectly acceptable in society. Just make sure you are really dedicated to the animal, since skunks cannot be released into the wild once the scent glands have been taken out.

Skunks are easy to look after, requiring little care. They tend to be quite playful and enjoy entertaining themselves with toys.

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10. Tarantula

Giant spiders can be great pets and are definitely unique. Certain species are better suited to being kept in tanks than others. The best options include curly hair and Mexican red knee tarantulas. Live insects will be required to feed your tarantula, so it’s not a great pet for the squeamish.

Not all states allow exotic pets, but you can sometimes get around this by getting a non-exotic animal that isn’t exactly a common pet, either.
In many cases, pygmy goats and miniature donkeys will qualify as they are not exotic. Otherwise, move somewhere that will legally let you enjoy the pet you most want. Do you have a unique pet?