10 Most Popular Dog Names


You have a lot of choices to make when it comes to getting a dog. You may choose to purchase your dog from a breeder or adopt one from a shelter. You also have to decide whether you’d like a puppy or a full-grown dog. Once you’ve actually acquired your furry friend, you might think you’re done making decisions. However, you still have to make perhaps the most important decision of all: What will you name your pet? If you’re at a loss for what name might be best, take a look at this list. You’re sure to find one that’s the perfect fit. Here are several most popular pet names for your dog:

1. Buddy

When it comes to naming your dog, you really can’t go wrong with “Buddy.” It’s sweet, fun and suitable for almost any breed. After the movie “Air Bud” was released, this name became even more popular and has been going strong ever since. After all, your dog is your little buddy. You might as well give him a name that fits his description!