10 Best Dog Breeds for Children


Getting a dog is one of the most important decisions one can make in life. Dogs provide a lot of fun, they are loyal and adorable. There are a wide range of dog breeds to choose from when you decide to purchase the pets. The breeds range from those that are small, big, guard dogs and lapdogs. It all depends on your interest and preferences as you select the ones that fit your needs.

Dogs are also important because they provide extra companionship to children as they play with them. The dogs show a lot of love to the children by cuddling with them, licking, accompanying them as they walk around and even watch over them. When purchasing a dog for the children these are the characteristics you should look in a dog. Below are some of the best dog breeds for children.

1. Bulldog

Bulldogs are among the most adorable dogs you can buy for your children. The dogs demonstrate qualities that children will enjoy such as being too gentle and loving to the children. Bulldog has a docile and friendly temperament that makes parents feel comfortable leaving the dogs with the children. It is hard for them to hurt the children or do something nasty even when they are irritated. They are also safe because they do not pose any health risk to the children because they are hypoallergenic. They have a coat that cannot cause sneezing to the children. Bulldog is also a good breed because it has a long lifespan that range from eight to twelve years.