10 Best Cat Breeds for Children


Kids and cats seem to have a special bond. Maybe it’s because they have a lot in common- they love attention and play. Unlike dogs, cats are suitable pets for kids because they are low-maintenance and easy to care for – they don’t require frequent baths and don’t need to go outside to relieve themselves. Moreover, it is easy to keep them indoors safely due to their relatively low energy levels. Having a cat as a pet for your children can be very beneficial to them, because it not only acts as a play partner but can also teach them how to be responsible by learning how to groom, feed and take care of their new friend.

Nonetheless, not all cats are suitable playmates for children. It is imperative to choose the right cat breed that matches your kid’s character or age. If you have older/less active children, you are better off with low-energy, independent breeds but if you’ve got energetic kids who love to play, high-energy, affectionate breeds will be an excellent choice. Whichever category your kid falls into, the best cats for children should have most of the following characteristics, easygoing, sociable, loyal, low temperament, somewhat playful and adaptable to a various situations. Here is the list of top 10 best cat breeds for children.

1. The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a large beautiful robust long-haired cat that is often an enthusiastic hunter, and enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors taking part in play and other activities. They are also gentle, loving and protective; you will be astounded to find out how much intelligent, energetic and playful they can be. Once they have bonded with your children, they are more likely to start playing around with them. Due to their high energy levels, they do not like being tied down. They like to roam freely but at the same time, they are very loyal and affectionate. Unfortunately, these cats hardly get along with other pets.