10 Human Foods that are Dangerous for Pet Rats


People have this image of rats as animals that can eat just about anything that comes their way. You get this image from cartoons of rats and, if you live in a city or other area where there are rats, you probably see rats digging through trash heaps and garbage cans.

And it is true, the adaptable rat will eat just about anything it can get its paws on in the effort to survive. But just because you might see a rat gnawing on a half rotten potato in your alley doesn’t mean you should feed your pet rats anything and everything you may have on hand.

There are foods that you definitely should not feed your rat, foods that can be unhealthy for your pet and foods that can actually put your rat in danger. Read on to discover 10 human foods that are dangerous for pet rats.

One: Anything that you wouldn’t eat yourself

The first and most important rule of thumb that owners of pet rats should always follow is, if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t go feeding it to your rat.

Again, just because your rat may be fine with eating some wilted lettuce that has been sitting in your refrigerator for two weeks doesn’t mean you should give it to him or her. The bacteria in that old lettuce might be harmful to your rat. What is more, the lettuce isn’t very nutritious at this point, having lost all its vitamins to oxidation.

Those who want to keep their pet rat healthy and long lived will feed it fresh foods with good nutrition.