10 Amazing Benefits of Owning a Hamster


A hamster is a wonderful, low-maintenance pet that can give you lots of fun and lots of love. They are a great choice if you are looking for something other than a cat or a dog, but still want something cute and furry. Here are 10 more benefits of owning a hamster:

1. They are affordable

Most pet shops rarely sell hamsters for more than around $20, so you will not be spending a fortune in order to buy one. Most of your money will be going towards the cage, but you will not be spending more than $80 on it, and probably less than $50. Plus, this is a one-time cost. Hamsters are also inexpensive to keep because…

2. They are inexpensive to feed

Being such small creatures, hamsters do not require anywhere near the same amount of food as cats and dogs. They can subsist on a very simple and very cheap diet of seeds, grains, and pellets.

One bag of hamster food from the pet store will last you for a very long time. You are likely not even going to be buying more than $10 worth of hamster food every month. Avoid feeding your hamster with these people food, though.

3. They have simple and inexpensive habitat needs

Another reason why hamsters are so cheap to keep is that they do not require much in order to have a comfortable habitat. Bedding and cage accessories such as tubes, food dishes, and water bottles will not cost you very much at all. Just make sure that your hamster has plenty of things to explore and climb.

4. They do not take up a lot of space

Hamster cages come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, allowing you to pick the one that is going to work best in your home.

The cage should only take up a couple feet of space, and so can easily be put on a desk, side table, shelf, or wherever you have the room. Just make sure your new pet has space to comfortably move around.

5. They do not require much social interaction

A lot of animals that are commonly kept as pets, such as cats, dogs, and birds, require a lot of attention and affection. Hamsters are certainly playful and will become friendlier the more they are handled, but they do not require nearly the same level of attention as other pets.

They are perfectly fine left to their own devices. All you need to do is check up on them and regularly take them out to play.

6. They have no special grooming needs

Hamsters love to groom themselves, and anyone who has ever held one knows that they rarely go a couple of minutes without beginning their cute cleaning ritual.

There really is no need for you to give your hamster a bath unless you need to wash something off it. If you do need to wash your hamster, then you should only use a small amount of water, rub gently, and dry carefully.

7. They are easy to clean up after

Some pets are a nightmare to clean up after, but with hamsters it could not be simpler. Just try to take out soiled parts of the bedding about once a day, and replace the bedding entirely at least once a week.

Your weekly cage cleaning should also consist of wiping the cage down and cleaning all food dishes and accessories.

8. No special training required

A lot of pets require special training when you first get them. Puppies need to learn not to wet the carpet, cats need to be trained to use the litter box, and most birds need persistent training just to come out and sit on your finger. Hamsters, though they can learn to be friendlier towards you, do not really need to be taught anything else.

9. They are great for kids

Hamsters are a great pet for kids because of how easy they are to care for and how gentle and essentially harmless they are. Getting your child a hamster is a good way to teach them about responsibility.

But before doing so, you need to understand that you are responsible as well. You should not leave your child to do everything. You will need to check up on the hamster to ensure that it is being well taken care of.

10. They are a lot of fun

Finally, the best reason to get a hamster is that they are simply a lot of fun. They will not get scared if you hold them, and they will eagerly explore every environment they are placed into. They are endlessly entertaining, they are cute, and they can provide you with companionship. What more could you want?

As you can see, hamsters make great pets for a variety of reasons. They can fit in just about any lifestyle, will not require you to change your daily routine, and will not cost you a fortune either. So go ahead and get yourself a furry little companion.