10 Important Tips for Caring for Chinchillas


The chinchilla, a medium-sized rodent native to South America, is known for its fur, one of the most expensive kinds in existence. Nowadays people have another reason to love chinchillas; they’ve begun to realize that these are cute creatures that make adorable pets. Nearly every pet store stocks chinchillas these days and finds plenty of willing customers. If you decide to own chinchillas, you should know these important tips for caring for them.

1. Buy a good cage

The best chinchilla cages are made of strong wire mesh with well-made wooden shelves at multiple levels. Chinchillas need these shelves to hop about on. Buying cheaper cages that come with plastic shelves is a bad idea, because chinchillas can chew through plastic in no time. Poorly designed cages come with floors fashioned out of wire, too. Wire floors may seem like a good idea at first since they let the chinchilla’s droppings fall through. Cleanliness isn’t the main concern here, though. Regularly walking about on wire floors can damage a chinchilla’s delicate paw pads. It’s important that the cage you get has a solid floor, even if it turns out to be difficult to clean.