9 Amazing Benefits of Owning a Ferret


As pets, ferrets can be smart, funny, friendly, and loyal. Rare is the person who doesn’t smile after a minute or two watching a ferret run around a room, uncontrollably curious about everything. Ferrets are such endearing creatures that their owners often spend their days at work simply looking forward to coming back to them. If you need more specifics to see how a ferret can enrich your life, take a look at these points.

1. Ferrets are irresistibly cute

Ferrets are certainly cute to look at. Their cuteness, though, comes from more than just the way they look. Naughtiness, an innate part of the ferret character, has a role to play, too.

2. Ferrets have real personalities

First-time ferret owners tend to quickly notice that their pets have individuality. Every ferret has its own character and its own mind. Pets with personalities are easy to bond with.

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3. Ferrets are playful and irrepressibly curious

You can never have a boring moment when you have a couple of ferrets around. These creatures don’t need to be played with, either. They are happy playing among themselves and with their toys. A ferret that has no toy and no companion can still entertain itself for hours exploring every nook and corner of the spaces that it has access to and playing hide-and-seek with itself.

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4. In spite of all this activity, ferrets tend to be quiet creatures

Ferrets do have voices. They make a chuckling sound called dooking when they are happy, hiss when they are sad and squeak when they play. In spite of all this vocal capability, though, ferrets don’t often vocalize. If you need an unobtrusive pet, ferrets can be a good idea.

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5. Ferrets are sociable and friendly

It’s usually a good idea not to keep a ferret by itself – these are sociable creatures that thrive when they have other ferrets to interact with. When putting two ferrets together, you get to bring out the best in your ferrets. You’ll see them invent games, squabble and cuddle together for comfort. Even when ferrets have one another to play with, though, they always still crave love and affection from their owners.

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6. Ferrets are so intelligent that you can have a great time discovering what they can do

Ferrets are always eager to learn and are often capable of finding innovative solutions to specific problems. Many pet owners new to ferret ownership tend to be surprised when they hear stories about ferrets being persistent when they try to learn a new trick. To ferrets, though, learning is an important part of life. Ferrets are far easier to train than nearly any other animal.

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7. Litter training is an easy exercise with a ferret

Ferrets are smart enough to be litter trained. They are such active creatures, though, that they don’t always have the patience to do as they are trained. A few accidents are bound to happen. Most of the time you can be confident that your ferrets won’t have any accidents.

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8. Ferrets are great pets for small homes

Ferrets are small creatures and don’t need large cages. If you wish to give your ferret a lot of space, you can design a tall cage with multiple levels. Ferrets are always glad for an environment that allows them to climb. A small house is also ideal that can be easier to ferret-proof.

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9. You won’t ever need to wake up in the middle of the night to take your ferret out for a walk

Ferrets are active creatures and need a great deal of exercise. Owing to their small size, though, they don’t need to be taken out for it. They get enough exercise running around the home. If you do wish to take your ferret walking outside, it’s usually easy with a ferret harness. You’ll get plenty of questions from everyone on the street, too – ferrets are a great way to strike up conversations with strangers.

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Ferrets are certainly not exotic, anymore

Ferrets have a general reputation as exotic pets. For this reason, many people neglect to even consider these animals when they think of getting a pet. Ferrets are not exotic – if they were, vets wouldn’t get trained in the care and treatment of ferret-related health conditions and pet food stores wouldn’t stock up on ferret food and toys. Animal shelters often have plenty of ferrets up for adoption, too. It’s about time people began to think about pet possibilities other than dogs and cats.