10 Important Tips for Caring for Ferrets


Ferrets are active, cute and intelligent creatures. These animals are real firecrackers, constantly dashing around, exploring things, finding new games to entertain themselves with and constantly getting into trouble the way a naughty child would. To make sure that your ferret remains healthy and safe as it rips about through life, though, you need to know a few rules of ferret ownership.

1. Ferret-proof whatever rooms your ferret shouldn’t get into

Ferrets are naturally inquisitive animals that have the innate need to constantly explore their surroundings. Since they have small and very flexible bodies, they often manage to get into unexpected places. Ferrets are known to end up in washing machines, television cabinets, crawlspaces, air-conditioning vents, drawers, rain downspouts, drains and many other places where they could face the possibility of serious injury. Like rodents, ferrets feel the need to constantly chew on things, too. They can chew up doorstops, erasers and houseplants. These chewing habits can become life-threatening when intestinal blockages occur.

If you plan to get a ferret, you need to be very careful about ferret-proofing your home. You need to make sure that your ferret has nothing to chew on in the areas that it is allowed in and that it has absolutely no way into the rest of the house. It’s important never to underestimate how creative a ferret can get trying to find a way into an area of the house that it’s not allowed into.