10 Things to Consider When Looking for a Parrot


Many people love having parrots as pets because of how quickly and easily they bond with their owners, and how unique each and every single one of them is. Parrots can have big personalities and sometimes even a big vocabulary, as they are great at mimicking human speech. But if you want to get a parrot, then there are some things to consider first. Here is what you need to keep in mind before buying your parrot:

1. Signs of health

Though you should always take your new parrot for a veterinary exam, you should also look for signs of health in the pet store or when with a breeder. A healthy parrot will be alert and inquisitive (unless, of course, they are sleeping), will have clear eyes, clean feathers, and no droppings stuck to their tail feathers. Take some time to note these factors before picking one out.