10 Easy Ways to Make Your Pet Green


Life wouldn’t be the same without your lovable, furry companion, so why wouldn’t you want your pet to experience the benefits of a natural and sustainable lifestyle? There are multiple ways to incorporate eco-friendly options into your pet care routine. Using green food, toys, shampoos, flea treatment, treats and other options will ensure your pet is not exposed to potentially toxic chemicals. Green pet care will protect your home, your pet, and the planet. Fortunately, green choices are easy and affordable if you follow the steps outlined below.

1. Pet food

Numerous pet food recalls over the last couple years have taught pet owners one thing: you cannot be too cautious about the food you give to your pet. Check the labels and purchase food with the green USDA organic seal or food-grade meat. Anything less could leave a huge question mark over what you’re feeding your pet. Organic pet products do not have pesticides and hormones and have a higher nutritional value. Food-grade meat may cost more, but it will ensure you’re giving your pet nothing but the best. You should also consider the possibility of placing your pet on a grain-free diet.

2. Kitty litter

The clay dust in clay kitty litter is harmful to your lungs and to your cat. Changing to a cat-friendly biodegradable and compostable litter is not only beneficial for your cat but also the environment. Pine pellets, wheat, corn, and recycled newspapers are just a few green solutions for your cat.

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3. Biodegradable disposals

Following your dog around the park and scooping up his mess is not a pleasant task, but it gets even more unpleasant for the environment when you scoop the waste into a plastic bag. Plastic bags stay in landfills for hundreds of years, and they’ll preserve the contents inside. Instead of plastic bags, use biodegradable bags and scoops for biodegradable disposal.

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4. Eco-friendly collars and leashes

Collars and leashes made from organic cotton and hemp are green but stylish. Hemp is durable, strong, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. While leashes are optional in some places, it’s crucial to keep your dog tethered to preserve wildlife.

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5. Bath time

Are you really getting your pet clean when you use questionable shampoos and soaps at bath time? Cleaning products filled with toxic chemicals like cocomide DEA, parabens, propylene glycol and others irritate your pet’s skin and lead to a variety of cancers.

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6. Pet toys

Parents are well aware of the dangers of lead in children’s toys, but those dangers are just as real with pet toys. Dogs are more at risk than cats because they spend a lot of time chewing their toys. Smaller animals are more susceptible because their smaller bodies are affected by small doses of these toxic chemicals. When you’re shopping for toys, choose items made from sustainable plastics and organic hemp or cotton. This is the only way to remove the danger when your pet sucks, licks or chews on his toys.
For your cat, choose a scratching post that’s free from harmful chemicals and glues.

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7. Bed for your pet

You’ll discover numerous options when choosing a bed for your pet. With so many accessories to make bedtime fun and comfortable, your pet might have a better resting place than you. But if you want to stay green, it’s best to choose your pets bedding with care. Choose beds made from sustainable materials like organic wool, bamboo, reeds, organic cotton, and other recycled fabrics.

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8. Flea and tick treatments

Keeping your pet free from ticks, lice and fleas doesn’t have to involve spraying him with loads of chemicals. It’s easy to understand that rubbing toxic chemicals into your pet’s skin where it is later absorbed into the bloodstream is a harmful process. The dangers are very real especially when you repeat the process several times throughout your pet’s life. Instead of using harmful insecticides, use internal preventative measures, which include feeding your pet a diet rich in B-vitamins. Pests usually don’t enjoy the taste of those ingredients so they’ll likely avoid your pet. If you want to use external treatments, try using natural shampoos and herbal sprays to keep the pests away.

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9. Green dog bowls

BPA-free is the new catch phrase among eco-conscious consumers – with good reason. You should care about the ingredients in your pet’s foods, but the container you serve the food in just a crucial. Plastic containers that are not BPA-free provide a breeding ground for bacteria to flourish, so look for BPA and lead free plastic and ceramic bowls to keep your pet safe.

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10. Make your own eco-friendly products

Purchasing eco-friendly products can get expensive, which is why it might be more affordable and better for your pet if you make your own. From toys to food and grooming products, you could make your own and take comfort in knowing what goes into your pet’s body.

There are many wonderful ways to make your pets more eco-friendly and many companies out there to help you to do so. How do you green your pet care?