10 Easy Ways to Make Your Pet Green


Life wouldn’t be the same without your lovable, furry companion, so why wouldn’t you want your pet to experience the benefits of a natural and sustainable lifestyle? There are multiple ways to incorporate eco-friendly options into your pet care routine. Using green food, toys, shampoos, flea treatment, treats and other options will ensure your pet is not exposed to potentially toxic chemicals. Green pet care will protect your home, your pet, and the planet. Fortunately, green choices are easy and affordable if you follow the steps outlined below.

1. Pet food

Numerous pet food recalls over the last couple years have taught pet owners one thing: you cannot be too cautious about the food you give to your pet. Check the labels and purchase food with the green USDA organic seal or food-grade meat. Anything less could leave a huge question mark over what you’re feeding your pet. Organic pet products do not have pesticides and hormones and have a higher nutritional value. Food-grade meat may cost more, but it will ensure you’re giving your pet nothing but the best. You should also consider the possibility of placing your pet on a grain-free diet.