8 Common Halloween Dangers for Small Pets


Halloween has many types of legends about headless horsemen, ghosts and goblins, but there is something real. Although, during this holiday and the days leading up to it, most small pets are tucked away in a cage or critter-proofed room, there can still be a real danger to them. Pets are like kids, they crave attention and don’t want to miss the holiday, but they don’t think about safety rules. So you, as a responsible pet owner, should pay more attention to these common Halloween dangers for small pets.

1. Crash danger

Small animal pets are small by definition, which cause some difficulties to see them. When gerbil, hedgehog, chinchilla or other small pet is set free for playing or exploration, you should control them and let everyone in the house know that the pet is free. Otherwise, you can step on or catch in a closing door your pet. Halloween is dangerous to pets overall. Carrying decorations or wearing a costume reduces people area of vision and it’s more disposed to miss seeing a small pet underfoot.

2. Fire danger

Throughout Halloween the candle using significantly increases. Candles show up all around whether inside pumpkins or around the house. A nosy small pet as rabbit or ferret on the loose might be burned out by the flame or even cause a flame by knocking over a candle. That’s why you should be rather safe. Use candles only if your small pet is safely locked up and there is no access to the flame. Candle on a table or counter isn’t safe to a pet. Some of them can climb and reach unforeseen places.

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3. Treats

It’s well known that pet should eat only treats made for them. Human food must not be given to small pets like guinea pigs, rats and hamsters. But it doesn’t mean that your little friend won’t try to get to a Halloween candy. Make sure you keep all the treats in containers or locked away in a cupboard. According to Sandra Mitchell, DABVP of Animal Medical Associates in Saco, chocolate, especially dark one, can be toxic to pets. High carbohydrate candy can cause major problems for ferrets, rabbits and prairie dogs.

4. Decoration

To get into the spirit of the holiday, many of us decorate the house. It ranges from door mats to pumpkins. You should always keep in mind that your small pet (rabbit or ferret) might decide to crunch these new decorations, which could result in an emergency trip to the vet for blockage or GI upset. If you use fog machine, keep the pet away or even better check with you veterinarian if it’s safe for animals to respire the fog. Also make sure that your pet doesn’t touch dry ice, if you decide to use it for effect.

5. Door danger

You know a door is made to close and open, and both these functions can cause a big trouble for a small pet. Opening can cause a pet escaping to the outdoors, and closing can cause it getting caught in the door and crushed. Party- goers or trick-or-treaters make a great number of opportunities for danger if a small animal pet is free. On Halloween, small pets do best safely tucked away in their cage or a safe room away from all the activities.

6. Noise

On Halloween, frightful sounds or loud music rule the night. While it seems safe to small pets, loud music can lead to big stress. Chinchillas, rabbits, and guinea pigs are especially sensitive to loud music. They can feel depressed the next week for no reason.

7. Costume

Honestly, I’m against Halloween costumes for pets. However, if you decide to dress up your pet for a Halloween party, remember about its safety. A pet should be in costume only when it is supervised and it must only be worn for a limited period of time. It’s not a human being, it’s an animal, keep it in mind.

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8. Interacting

You never know what trick-or-treaters will show up. Your pet should be in a safe room behind a closed door, so that the visiting pet cannot interact with your small pet. The safe room has a great bonus of preventing guests from interacting with your pet, which can be really overwhelming.

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for adults and kids, but it’s not the perfect holiday for small pets. That’s why you should stick to certain rules and make sure your pet is safe and happy. Do you have anything to add to this list? Please do it in the comments section.