7 Christmas Safety Tips for Cats


Christmas is approaching and most people are getting busy with festive preparations and anticipate a great family time together. However, it’s also important to think about your fluffy friend during a holiday season and take some precautions to avoid any emergencies. Most cats are likely to climb a Christmas tree or play with dangerous candles and garlands. Here is the list of useful safety tips on how to avoid potential holiday hazards and ensure that your cat will be safe this Christmas.

1. Christmas tree

I have a calm mature cat, so he never tries to eat the needles, climb the tree or play with the lights. However, bear in mind that Christmas tree needles can injure a cat’s paws, even though they aren’t poisonous. Your cat will definitely pay his attention to the sparkling and trim Christmas tree. Most probably your cat will try to climb the tree or choose it as a perfect cover. While setting the tree, make sure it’s stable enough. Use a fish line to attach the tree to the ceiling, wall, window or the furniture. Don’t leave your pet unattended in the room so that he won’t break the glass baubles, eat them or get injured. Finally, you should prevent your cat from removing or chewing the tree lights.