9 Ways to Prepare Your Cat for a New Baby


Pets, like humans, prefer stability in their daily lives and cats are no exception to this general rule. Having a baby is certain to be disruptive not just to your life, but to the life of you cat as well.

If you want to avoid having an angry, confused kitty who urinates, scratches, or otherwise behaves out of character when the baby arrives, then you need to prepare your feline friend ahead of time.

The following nine tips can guide you in process of acclimating your cat to the newest member of your family and help to ensure that kitty adjusts well to what is sure to be a very big change.

1. Start Early

Cats are often slow to adjust to change. It can take weeks or months for some cats to become comfortable with a new pet or new person in the house. To ensure that your cat has plenty of time to adjust to the baby’s arrival, you need to start making changes as early as possible.

In fact, if you are planning to have a baby, you’ll want to start acclimating your kitty even while you are trying to conceive.