11 Christmas Safety Tips for Dogs


It’s true that many people consider pets being a part of their families, and they include them in all of the festivities. Christmas was considered to be a perfect family holiday for a long time. But, nowadays, the pets are the family members. A dog is one of the loveliest pets many of us own. We can’t image our life without dogs.

Many young pairs and old people even hang a Christmas stocking for their dogs on a fireplace next to the kids or grandkids. While a holiday season is fun, it can be dangerous for your dog. Take a look at the list of the most important Christmas safety tips for dogs.

1. Sweet treats

Do you know that chocolate is poisonous for dogs and it’s a basic ingredient in candies. Often the candies are available to our little friends so it’s important not to cakes and goodies in such place where the pets can get it. When offering sweets or other goodies to your family members, it’s better to cover them afterwards or put somewhere where your dog couldn’t reach it.

You could keep your dog on a leash or in some other room. I remember one holiday when our family light-mindedly left a chocolate cake on the kitchen table and went out to celebrate Christmas. We couldn’t even imagine that the pet could reach the cake and there were the chairs that helped the pet get the chocolate. When we came back, the chocolate was no more on the table, there was only an empty box on the floor.

Chocolate crumbs showed where the dog was, all in chocolate, looking guiltless. Some time later, the cake was on the kitchen floor from the dog’s stomach and our dog felt very bad. We called vet and, luckily, our little friend is still alive and healthy.