6 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Dog


Looking for fun activities you can do with your dog? It’s always a pleasure to be in the company of your beloved pet. Pets add some fun and meaning to our life. If you feel very guilty of having kept your dog alone at home while you work, you could enjoy a few fun activities with your dog during the weekends.

1. Go for a weekend getaway

One of the best ways to bond with your pet dog is to go for a small weekend getaway with him/her. Drive to a clean, pet friendly hotel to the closest hill station or on the outskirts of your city. You have the whole weekend to spend with your dog doing different fun activities, such as walking, jogging, playing Fetch, exploring, swimming, etc.

2. Play with a Frisbee

One of the most popular games to play with a dog is Fetch. All dogs are very curious by nature and if you throw something, your dog would run to retrieve it and bring it back. Frisbee works best, especially if you have a big dog, because dogs like to leap in the air and catch it. If you don’t have Frisbee, you could also throw a ball or a toy. It is not only a fun bonding experience for you and your pet, but it’s also a perfect exercise for your dog.

3. Train your dog

Training your dog with different tricks is another fun activity you can do with your pet dog. Go on and train your dog to do a handshake, lie down, sit, kneel down or roll over. The next time you meet your family or your friends, you could impress them by asking your dog to do a trick or two.

4. Take your dog for a walk in the local dog park

Nowadays almost every city has its local dog park, and if you are lucky to have such park in your city, then go to the dog park and have a lot of fun with your canine friend! Besides being a great cardio exercise for you and your dog, a walk will give your pet fresh air, a relaxed and positive frame of mind, change of environment, and opportunity to meet other dogs.

5. Register with a canine club

Many cities and towns have the canine clubs, which organize events, parties, picnics, competitions, overnight camping and trips for the dogs and their owners. You might just pay a nominal fee, but it’s a great opportunity to enjoy quality time with your beloved dog. After all, you could make friends with the other dogs’ owners and your dog could have some new friends.

6. Go to a beach

Dogs like splashing and frolicking around in water, especially when their masters enjoy doing the same with them. Take your dog out to the beach and jog for a while making your pet jog too. After jogging, make your way to the water and enjoy playing around with your beloved pet.

Do you know any other fun activities to do with a dog? Share your thoughts, please.