7 Wonderful Reasons to Love Black Cats


Shining eyes and sleek coat. Black cats are beautiful animals with a hint of intrigue and mystique. Around Halloween, black cats both receive warm welcomes and also some misunderstanding.

All those superstitions about black cats being evil or bringers of bad luck certainly have not helped their image. But there is no scientific proof that black cats are guardians to the underworld. I mean, aren’t all cats just a little bit sadistic and conniving?

Jokes aside, cats are incredible creatures, especially the black ones. I, for one, can come up with several reasons you should love black cats.

1. Black cats play the lead roles

One of my favorite characters ever was Salem Saberhagen from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Salem was a glib, charming black cat and sidekick to Sabrina Spellman. He was one of the characters who first introduced me to sarcasm and wit.

Remember this great comeback? “The whole point of a family vacation is so I can get a vacation from the family!” Or when he was in the chatroom pretending to be a woman because he liked the attention. But isn’t that all cats?

2. Awesome name

Shadow. Midnight. Sebastian. Sable. Jet. Onyx. Raven. Panther. What do these all have in common? Yeah, you can’t name a Calico cat these names. These are exclusive to feline companions with black coats.

Telling you, next time I adopt a black cat, I am totally naming him “Obsidian.” His nickname is going to be Sid.

3. Always fashionable

Everyone knows that black is one color that will never go out of style. Black is just a gorgeous color and makes everyone look good. So, you know, if you never want to be behind in fashion, then just pair yourself with the ultimate companion: a stunning black cat.

One rub from them on your pant legs, and you never have to worry about missing the color trends. Oh, and black cats look totally amazing in those vanity collars like bow ties and stuff. No color looks bad on them.

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4. Celebrate your inner goth

There, I said it. You can finally release your inner darkness with your witchy companion looming in the shadows. Nothing will help you channel Victorian Goth elegance like stroking a black cat sitting on your lap and sitting black tea.

5. They were worshipped

While many cultures consider cats to be lucky or tied to the spiritual realm and thus worthy of our respect, the Ancient Egyptians actually saw black cats as divine.

These black-coated felines were worshipped as they would worship a Pharaoh. Back then, if you killed a black cat even by accident, the offense was punishable by death. Take that, torties.

6. Mini ninjas

Since black cats can blend in with the darkness, you can consider yourself the owner of a miniature ninja. Not only will they be especially good and hide and seek, but you might want to remember you have a black cat when you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Otherwise, you might just shriek when two glowing orbs appear before you through the darkness. Maybe that is why so many Japanese bell their cats…

7. Because they are cats

I mean, I know we are really not worthy of cats, but cats seem to love ruling over their humans and demanding cheeseburgers. Black cats are cats, too, no matter what superstitions and horror stories lead us to believe.

With so much negative press still hanging around these majestic beauties, black cats are the least likely to get adopted in shelters. In reality, black cats are cool and collected customers with bright eyes and great personalities.

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Black cats are amazing, and for whatever you fall in love with them, just remember to love them. Give them scratches. Let them chase mice. And wear the fur they adorn you with proudly.

And remember to give a special nod to all those black cats who walk the streets around All Hallow’s Eve, because you might just be encountering a real-life Salem Saberhagen!