9 Sure Signs Your Cat Loves You


Sure, cats are noble creatures. But they are also often moody and finicky, too. Perhaps that right comes with nobility. Still, it leaves a person wondering why the very same cat that seemed to beg for attention with its head-butts and purring bites the hand that pets it seconds after the petting began. It is easy to see how doubts about a cat’s true affections can arise. Not to worry, though, here are signs that your cat does indeed love you.

1. Purring

Cats purr for many reasons from satisfaction to anxiety. But usually a purr signifies happiness. Purring is definitely a communication tool. By purring the mother cat shows her location to her blind newborns, but usually cats purr to demonstrate their affection and satisfaction. What better way to express love of something or someone than to show your happiness for it? That is exactly what cats do when they purr in your presence. Feline purr sounds like a lullaby that conciliates both the animal and the owner.

2. Rolling around

A cat rolling at your feet should not be taken lightly. Any time a cat is in a belly up position it leaves him in a vulnerable situation. Safety, however, means a lot to any animal and cat in particular. He will not do that for anyone he does not trust or feel unprotected and unloved with. And trust, of course, comes with love. When my cat strives for attention, he always rolls around with luxurious and loud purr.

3. Head-Butts

Cats show affection for other cats and humans alike by butting or rubbing their heads against the one they love. Cats has special scent glands located in their forehead, chin, cheeks and tail. By rubbing against your skin your cat recognizes you as a family member and a trustworthy person, which is surely a huge compliment. They particularly like to rub their head against the cheek or head of those they love. This action, also called bunting, is a very intimate gesture that cats perform only with their favorite people.

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4. Scratching

That annoying habit of scratching and sharpening claws on your furniture may actually be an act of love. In addition to the scent being left to mark ownership, it is also a visible marking to declare something his. Cats tend to use their owners’ favorite places to sit or be as their own favorite scratching posts. Don’t be angry with your cat and never beat him for spoilt furniture. Scratching is a natural innate instinct and you will never break this habit. Just make sure you offer your furry friend a good alternative like a stuffed toy or an old box that will satisfy your cat’s natural urge!

5. Kneading

Whenever you see a cat kneading it’s paws, it is often accompanied by purring. This is because he only kneads when he is totally relaxed and feeling loved, usually when being petted by his owner or when sleeping in his owner’s lap. It a behavior that carries over from when he was a kitten using the kneading motion to induce milk from the mother.

6. Gift Giving

Try not to be too upset by those mice occasionally left at your feet or in your bed. Cats will leave gifts of this nature as a sign of affection, much the way people give gifts. Some animal specialists also claim that by presenting such trophies cats want to provide their owners with food. Your cat’s gifts might also include beloved toys or anything else he might enjoy himself. Born hunter, my cat always tries to rejoice me with anything he can catch from bugs to frogs.

7. Sleeping

Cats spend most of their time sleeping, therefore they must be highly selective where they sleep. If in the wild, a cat is extremely vulnerable while it sleeps. The instinct to protect themselves is still there even in domestication. Therefore a cat must trust his people to sleep in their laps or out in the open. Again, trust comes with love. Know that your cat adores you if he prefers your lap to a comfortable cat bed. Cats are solitary hunters, thus when your cat wants to share a space with you, know that he feels safe and comfortable.

8. Meowing

Cats do not meow often to communicate with other cats, though they can make several different sounds with their ‘voices’ and even impart emotion through the way in which they meow. But they do, however, communicate with their humans by meowing. Consider it a voice of love. I was surprised to discover that my cat responds to my greetings by meowing. However, depending on the tone, meowing also can signify irritation, warning or hunger.

9. Cat Licks

Cat licks and kitty kisses are often deemed quite gross by humans, but cats groom one another as well as themselves. So if kitty is grooming you, it means he sees you as part of his family, as someone to love. Such behavior is peculiar to kittens, while adult cats rarely bestow their owners with licks. Anyway, this gesture demonstrates that your furry companion invites you to be his friend. I don’t find feline licks pleasant and gentle since the cat’s tongue feels like sandpaper. But I definitely appreciate the way he tries to tell me ‘I love you’!

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Cats are highly independent yet affectionate and loving creatures. If you you’re lucky to share your life with a furry friend, you will easily understand that your cat loves you. Feline love signs are sometimes difficult to read, but I hope these tips helped you to understand that your cat loves you. Cats are too picky when choosing friends, but once your cat shows his affection towards you, you’ll become lifelong friends.