9 Sure Signs Your Cat Loves You


Sure, cats are noble creatures. But they are also often moody and finicky, too. Perhaps that right comes with nobility. Still, it leaves a person wondering why the very same cat that seemed to beg for attention with its head-butts and purring bites the hand that pets it seconds after the petting began. It is easy to see how doubts about a cat’s true affections can arise. Not to worry, though, here are signs that your cat does indeed love you.

1. Purring

Cats purr for many reasons from satisfaction to anxiety. But usually a purr signifies happiness. Purring is definitely a communication tool. By purring the mother cat shows her location to her blind newborns, but usually cats purr to demonstrate their affection and satisfaction. What better way to express love of something or someone than to show your happiness for it? That is exactly what cats do when they purr in your presence. Feline purr sounds like a lullaby that conciliates both the animal and the owner.