9 Fabulous Benefits of Owning a Dog


Studies have shown that dog owners are generally, happier, healthier, and lead more fulfilling lives than those who do not own pets. A dog can provide equal or sometimes better company than a person.

The great writer Mark Twain often wrote of his preference for canines over actual human contact and even penned a short story entitled ‘A Dogs Tale.’

Dogs are considered faithful, loving creatures that are more than worthy of their reputation as man’s best friend. The following list is just a selection of the many benefits of owning a dog.

1. They provide security

Dogs can protect you from violent attacks, thieves, wild animals, and even guard your home and property when you are not home. Even the smallest dog will act as a warning alarm if anyone sets foot on your property, and larger breeds will scare off burglars and door-to-door salesmen.

2. They are faithful companions

Your dog does not care if you gain weight, forget to shower, or whether or not you have money in the bank. In fact, dogs are just as happy living outside in nature as they are in 5-star luxury as long as they have their master there with them.

If you spontaneously decide to take a long ramble through the countryside, your dog will be more than happy to accompany you. Should you prefer to spend the day in bed watching daytime TV and eating cookie dough, then your companion will be right by your side.

3. They are effective anti-depressants

Just spending a short time period of time in the company of a dog can have an almost magical effect on your mood. Several studies have proven that owning a dog can lead to better emotional health.

A study performed at the Miami University found dog owners to be more extroverted, conscientious and far less fearful. A litter of nine Goldendoodle puppies were even deployed to provide comfort and healing to the survivors of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

4. They can be trained as working dogs

Dogs offer far more than just love and companionship. Certain breeds can be trained to do incredible tasks such as locate survivors of earthquakes and avalanches, herd and raise livestock and even act as guide dogs for the blind.

5. They teach children valuable lessons

All children need to be taught about life and death once they reach a certain age. The loss of a family pet is usually the first experience they will have with death and it provides the perfect opportunity to teach them about mortality. Helping to care for a dog also shows children how to be responsible and put someone else’s needs before their own.

6. They provide endless hours of entertainment

Although they are intelligent, empathetic creatures, dogs can also do some incredibly stupid and hilarious things. From attacking the vacuum cleaner to organizing midnight raids on the garbage bin, dogs will always get up to mischief and will provide better entertainment than most TV shows.

7. They build-up your immune system

Children who grow up in a house with dogs are far less likely to develop allergies in later life. Dog owners are also less likely to get sick and will recover from illnesses much faster.

This is due to the fact that dogs carry many different types of bacteria which they bring into the house. Being exposed to small amounts of bacteria is actually beneficial to the immune system and will help to strengthen it.

8. They help you exercise

Those who work from home or are retired can potentially go weeks without leaving the home if they do not have a thriving social life.

A dog is a great way to get out of the house and will even help you to socialize as owners often chat as their dogs play together. Finding the energy to go hiking may be difficult for some people, but knowing how happy it will make your pet is a great incentive.

9. They can detect cancer

Several stories have been told of dogs that were able to detect the presence of cancer in their owners’ bodies. A German study performed in 2011 was able to prove these claims after two dogs successfully sniffed out lung cancer from breath samples. Further trials are underway to test certain dogs’ ability to detect ovarian cancer which is notoriously difficult to screen for.

If the aforementioned reasons have not convinced you that dogs make the greatest pets in the world, then maybe their natural charm, enthusiasm, and inquisitiveness will do the trick.

No matter what type of personality you have, you are sure to find a breed of dog that will suit you. Labradors are full of energy and need plenty of exercise or they may become destructive when bored.

Bullmastiffs are generally more calm and laid-back and are more than happy to spend the day relaxing on the couch in front of the TV. Whatever breed you choose, you will have a loyal, devoted friend that will worship the ground you walk on.