9 Tips for Calming Your Dog during Thunderstorms


Fear of thunder is a common phobia in dogs. Because they have extremely sensitive hearing, thunderstorms and other loud noises cause many dogs to become fearful. In many cases, such loud noises may cause a dog to run away or harm itself. Usually, the dog tends to hide, howl, bark, and scratch.

Thunderstorm anxiety is difficult to correct, but it is essential to try to do so, as it only gets worse with age. To avoid these stressful events, try out nine tried and true tips for calming your dog during thunderstorms:

1. Start training early in life

The best tip to help your pet overcome its fear of thunderstorms is to train it as a puppy to see it as a positive thing. If you train it while your puppy is young, you can help prevent unwanted behaviors later in life that stem from anxiety during thunderstorms or when there are other loud sounds.