10 Most Beautiful Rabbit Breeds


Each year, rabbits become more and more popular as pets. Not only are rabbits brilliant and easy to train – they can be taught to use the litter box – many breeds are very kind and gentle and are good with children.

In addition to these excellent reasons to acquire a pet rabbit, these animals are also magnificent. They come in various colors and markings, fur types and lengths, and sizes and shapes. In fact, there are upwards of 50 different domestic rabbit breeds.

If you are looking for a particularly lovely rabbit to bring home as a pet, check out this handy list of the 10 most beautiful rabbit breeds. You’ll have a great new pet in no time at all.

1. Chinchilla

The chinchilla rabbit was named for the small rodent that goes by the same name and is favored throughout the world for its luxuriantly beautiful and soft coat. No wonder then that this breed is thought by many to be one of the loveliest around.

The chinchilla’s coat is long and glossy, one of the richest grays. This coat is smooth as silk to the touch, deep and warm.

There are actually three separate breeds that go by the name chinchilla: standard, American, and giant chinchilla.

2. Angora

Like the chinchilla, several different rabbit breeds fall under the angora moniker, including the English, French, and satin angora. These breeds are known for their long, wooly coats that come in a range of colors, including sable and white.

The fur of these fluffy wonders are famously used as wool for sweaters and other knit items.

3. Champaign D’Argent

In French, the word argent means silver, and we all know that Champaign is a wonderful sparkling beverage. Thus the Champaign D’Argent rabbit breed is one characterized by a lovely silky, silvery coat. This silver effect is actually produced by the combination of variously colored hairs on the rabbit.

4. Creme D’Argent

This rabbit breed also hails from France and is a simply beautiful animal. Creme D’Argent has a creamy white top coat with a wonderfully deep orange undercoat. It is one of the smaller argent breeds, weighing in at about 8 to 11 pounds.

5. Harlequin

This breed of rabbit has one of the most unusual of coats of all rabbit breeds. The interesting effect its coat gives off is produced by a mixing and swirling of many different colored hairs. What is more, the head of the harlequin is often split into two separate colors for a very striking appearance.

6. Lop

If what you want in a rabbit is ears, then the Lop is the rabbit for you!

Many might say that the long, droopy ears of the various lop varieties of rabbits are more comical than beautiful, but this would be discounting how wonderfully soft and luxurious the touch these ears are.

Not only is the lop a very cute bunny, their sweet dispositions make them an excellent and very popular pet. Each and every year, more families adopt one of these rabbits to become an excellent addition to their homes.

7. Palomino

Those people who know their horse breeds will have a good idea what the palomino rabbit, named after the horse, looks like. The burnished golden color of its coat will surely bring to mind the beauty of that great steed. Another variety of palomino comes in the colors of a lynx – white and gray.

8. Polish

This tiny rabbit, weighing in at only three pounds, is one of the most popular of show rabbits in the world. Not only is its tiny stature adorable, its extra shiny coat is always sure to please the judges. Polish breed comes in blue, black, white, and chocolate.

9. Silver Fox

With a name like silver fox, not only do you probably have a good idea of what this rabbit breed looks like, you will also be pretty confident that it is a beautiful animal. And in that, you’d be perfectly correct.

The fur of the silver fox is long and dense, causing the blue and black varieties of this breed to appear evenly and gorgeously silvered. For this reason, the rabbit is becoming increasingly popular at rabbit shows.

10. English Spot

This last rabbit breed is not only one of the most lovely of all breeds; it is one of the most distinctive of rabbits you will see. The coat of the English spot very much resembles that of the Dalmatian breed of dog, with its very white coat interspersed evenly with dark spots.

This medium-sized rabbit has a long and elegantly arched body, much like the Dalmatian does as well. Don’t be surprised if you see a fire truck with this rabbit riding proudly on board one day.