8 Benefits of Having an Aquarium


There is nothing quite like the beauty of a decorated aquarium teeming with marine life. While many people keep fish simply as pets, having aquariums provide plenty of benefits.

In fact, here are just 8 benefits of having an aquarium:

1. Observing fish in aquariums can help reduce blood pressure

Numerous studies have shown that observing fish in aquariums provides a therapeutic effect that helps reduce blood pressure. In fact, some research shows that just 10 to 15 minutes of fish watching a day can significantly lower blood pressure. While people may receive some calming benefit from watching an empty but beautiful aquarium, the results are much more significant when fish are added.

Having any pet can help reduce blood pressure and offer several other health benefits. In fact, according to Delta Society, owning a pet may decrease heart attack risks by 3 percent.

However, it’s important that you choose the right pet for your personal and financial needs. While fish may seem like easy pets to own, they require significant knowledge and care to truly thrive.

2. Observing fish in aquariums can help calm children

Studies have shown that children diagnosed with ADHD become calmer when watching fish aquariums.

It is believed that the feeling of peacefulness created from watching aquarium fish may work as a diversionary tactic to keep children away from their hyperactive activities and habits.

3. Observing fish in aquariums can help reduce pain for dental patients

Given that fish aquariums help to reduce stress, they can often be found in high-stress environments such as medical and dental offices.

In fact, one study of dental patients has shown that those that watched a fish aquarium before meeting their dentist displayed less anxiety and required less pain medication.

4. Observing fish in aquariums provides a number of benefits for Alzheimer’s patients

Research from the Purdue University has shown that aquariums with brightly colored fish help encourage Alzheimer’s patients to eat more and be less disruptive.

For the study conducted in 2018, 60 individuals with the disease across three different nursing homes were tracked. The patients exposed to fish aquariums ate up to 21% more food than they had before the aquariums were introduced.

The study also showed that patients exposed to the fish aquariums were more calm and relaxed. In fact, the instances and duration of behaviors such as pacing, wandering, yelling, and physical aggression decreased as well.

5. Having aquariums teaches a lot about responsibility

Properly stocking and maintaining an aquarium requires a lot of work and dedication. To watch your fish thrive and truly reap the benefits, you need to be as knowledgeable as possible. Fortunately, by understanding fish requirements and the nitrogen cycle, you will be that much more prepared for owning fish aquariums.

Fish aquariums can also help children learn how to take care of pets as well responsibly. However, it’s crucial that the parents or guardians be knowledgeable beforehand to ensure the health and safety of both pets and family. If you decide to give your children fish as pets, make sure that they are truly ready for the responsibility and be willing to take over if they’re not.

6. Having aquariums in your home makes the space feel more inviting and natural

As it was previously mentioned, fish aquariums are excellent for reducing stress and creating a sense of peacefulness. If you want to bring some of that positive energy to your home, fish aquariums can certainly help. In fact, some people have entire rooms dedicated to housing fish aquariums alone.

7. You can reuse fish aquarium water

When maintaining your aquariums, you can easily reuse the water removed during partial or full water changes. For example, you can use the water to water indoor plants or gardens.

The fish waste is excellent for providing your plants with extra nutrients. If your fish aquariums are planted, other plants will also benefit from the chemicals used to enhance plant growth.

When reusing aquarium water to water other plants, don’t use what that has been treated with medicine or salt.

8. You can keep fish almost anywhere

Depending on where you live, it can be hard to keep pets. For example, you may live in an apartment that typically doesn’t allow pets or you have limited room to work with. Fortunately, many apartments still allow fish even if cats, dogs, birds, and other animals are not permitted.

Depending on how much space you have to work with, your options may still be limited. For example, if you want goldfish, you’ll need enough surface area to fit an aquarium of at least 20 gallons.

However, if you plan to keep a fish such as a betta (or Siamese fighting fish), you can work with aquariums as little as 2.5 gallons (although 5-gallon aquariums are much more ideal).

Having a fish aquarium can be an enriching experience. Not only will seeing your pets thrive make you feel good inside but your family and friends will benefit from the more serene atmosphere as well.